soluCLEAN is ready for a clean start!

Since our inception in 1998, not a day has gone by when we haven’t been seeking innovations in the way we package and transport our products – always with our eco-conscious heads on and thinking about the additional benefits we can bring to our customers.

Over the years, we’re pleased to see that market trends have developed to favour sustainability and environmental considerations. We’ve always have a forward-thinking approach and eco-responsible ethos, and this year, we decided it was time for a contemporary new look to truly reflect our values and to showcase the beauty and benefits of our soluCLEAN range.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see our industrial feel packaging on our soluCLEAN product range replaced by new, modern, vibrant designs. Same products, same long list of benefits, but a whole new look that’s as clean and simple as the products in use. You’ll see this refreshed imagery on all soluCLEAN labels, websites and marketing. We have introduced enhanced clearer labelling, cleverly colour-coded each product according to optimal usage areas and proudly display our eco-credentials prominently on packaging.

We think you’re going to like the look of our products, dressed in new cheery tones, waving at you from your shelf or store cupboard! We certainly love their revamp and we hope you do too. Why not email us and let us know what you think?

Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 11.43.27