Solupak Launch Rewards Scheme For Distributors


We help the businesses we work with to reduce their impact on the environment whilst making zero compromise to their customers.

Desirable Distributor Scheme
Our aim is to work with partners who share our ethos. Partners who provide end users with high quality products, deliver great service and demonstrate commitment to sustainable and responsible business.

Our NEW Desirable Distributor Scheme rewards Solupak distributors that fulfil these desirable business commitments.

Become a Desirable Distributor
There are 4 reward levels, starting at bronze, through to silver, gold and platinum. As a distributor increases the volume of its commitments to Solupak’s ethos and product usage, it will progress up the reward levels and enjoy additional benefits.

Examples of the many benefits signed up distributors receive include access to dual branded support materials, Solupak samples and trial packs, promotions and discounts, promotions, marketing, training, individual sustainability reports, and much more.

In return, we ask our Desirable Distributors to sign up to a range of responsible business commitments, these are measurable environmental, quality certification, Solupak product marketing and usage pledges and the nature of these reflect the values that Solupak has at its core.

We are delighted to have signed up a number of our current distributors to the new scheme. They are already enjoying the tangible benefits and some have indicated that they are actively seeking ways in which they can adapt their business to progress up the rewards ladder.

More distributor commitment = More distributor benefits

If you’re looking to become a Solupak distributor or you would like more information on signing up to become a Solupak Desirable Distributor, please contact 01924 565120 or email

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