Cost Saving Benefits

No Water Transportation

In addition to the enormous positive environmental impact that zero water transportation has, there are also benefits in terms of costs and savings. The weight of the load is consequently lighter due to there being no liquid to transport to customers; meaning that the cost of delivering our products to you and your distributors is considerably reduced.

Our systems are cost effective solutions for both small clients and large users. This is because we can implement concentrate dosage systems for larger users, as well as providing the water soluble sachets for clients at the other end of the spectrum. In other words, Solupak products are scalable from one cleaner to 100+. As a result of this dosing certainty, there is no worry about using too much of the product, in turn this leads to cost certainty as no product is being wasted.

Not only that, but Solupak products have a three-year shelf life (if kept dry, of course!) There is no rush to use the products within a short time frame and they take up minimal shelf space as no water is added until usage.