TSS, or Total Support Services, is an independent cleaning contractor. With a philosophy to provide a consistent, quality, cost effective and innovative services.

TSS has built long standing relationships and continues to foster new partnerships with businesses across varying industries and sectors.

The TSS mission: To provide quality, cost effective, innovative and customer focused services to all of our clients.

Peartree Cleaning Services is a specialist commercial cleaning and support services business. Established in 1986, Peartree employs over 1400 fully trained, cleaning and support staff across the UK.

Recognised as a partner of choice, with incredibly high standards and an excellent reputation, their services are delivered through experienced teams to some of the best-known companies in the UK

Broadfords are an international cleaning contractor who have been in operation for 25 years.

Broadfords are a fast, friendly and fully functional professional cleaning company, predominantly operating within the business and retail sectors. Well renowned throughout the Republic of Ireland, Broadfords have become the flagship operator of the Soluclean product range in that country.

Greggs are the most successful high street bakery chain in the UK with a presence in virtually every major UK town and city and around 2200 retail outlets… even more than McDonalds UK!

They sell a large volume of take away sandwiches and cooked pies and savories, as well as sweets and pastries. Greggs have extended their offering to include breakfast and hot beverages daily.

They command the convenience takeaway food market for daily purchases, developing more healthy options to compliment this range. A growing majority of the retail stores now offer tables to provide an eating-in option, requiring much more attention to front of house cleaning as well as general food preparation cleaning.


Why Solupak

The TSS mission lends itself to the Solupak product range…

Our products are of the highest quality, packaged and designed in- House we put time and patience into ensuring our products are top of the range.

Being cost effective is at the very forefront of the Solupak product range; with a three-year shelf life and cost and dosing certainty no product (or money) goes to waste.

Innovation is what has driven Solupak from the very start. We provide positive changes without increasing costs OR damage to the environment.

The Solupak product range supports Peartree’s strategy and vision

Our products are manufactured in line with Peartree’s sustainable supply chain strategy.

Being cost-effective is a real highlight of the Solupak product range. We agreed a costs framework with Peartree to perfectly match their spending plan.

Zero waste and plastic reduction is a significant driver for Peartree and Solupak. In the first year of our partnership, Peartree lowered trigger spray bottle usage by 22,000. Product development is in house, giving Peartree flexibility in terms of product colour, package sizing and fragrances.

The Solupak range lends itself to the requirements of Broadfords International- they had a problem, and we provided the solution…

Broadfords requirements: save on space, delivery size and fuel costs.

1. Save on space… the Solupak product range is packaged in watersoluble film, with no single use plastic involved and the products take up minimal space. Through implementing our products, a whole pallet of 5 litre liquid concentrate can be replaced with 4 packets of our product.

2. Delivery size… as water is added after transportation, and the products are distributed in water-soluble sachets, the size of deliveries is relatively small, meaning that greater amounts of product can be ordered.

3. Fuel costs… the weight of the load is consequently lighter due to having zero liquid to transport to customers; meaning that the cost of delivering our products to you and your distributors is considerably reduced.

In 2014 Ally Stephenson, Head of Purchasing at Greggs, approached us with the following challenge…

To deliver a new and innovative chemical dosing delivery system reducing the volume of water contained within the formulations utilised through out the 2200 shops across the UK.

Our Response was simple; our products were the perfect fit for the brief…

As a specialist manufacturer, SoluPak offered a range of single dose, soluble sachet products to handle the majority of cleaning and disinfection activities in the Greggs shops, and extensive trials were established.


The backstory

TSS started using the SoluPak products in 2016 as a newly appointed contractor to the John Lewis Partnership.

The SoluClean range of products are approved by the JLP for use across their department stores, supermarkets, offices and distribution centres.

Seeing the benefits of the SoluPak system TSS have implemented SoluClean at a number of their world famous, iconic heritage sites.

Product trials were completed at key client sites in 2018 and critical feedback gathered from all stakeholders to provide a rationale for including Solupak in a commercial tender exercise.

Following the tender, Solupak supported Peartree as necessary with team presentations, product samples, site visits, H&S data, wallcharts and training materials all of which were bespoke to the approved Peartree range of products.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Solupak developed and tested a virucidal disinfectant that Peartree has succesfully implemented across the business for both hands-on cleaning and atomised surface protection.

The partnership between Broadfords and Solupak began back in 2018, after Broadfords struggled to find suppliers of top quality water-soluble cleaning agents.

Having experienced unreliable suppliers and unsatisfactory products, Broadfords were able to halt their search for soluble cleaning products when they discovered the Solupak range.

Having developed a strong relationship in the two- year partnership, Broadfords now order four products from the range. These are Food Safe Degreaser Floor Cleaner, Heavy Duty Scrubber Drier Cleaner, Glass Cleaner and Surface Sanitiser.

With our help… As part of this Greggs project, the SoluPak technology has prevented over 3 tonnes of plastic per year from entering the waste stream, with further product development projected to increase this to over 6 tonnes per year with the roll out of the dish-wash and rinse-aid products. Before SoluPak stepped in, Greggs had to empty the local bins 3 times per week to remove the packaging waste. With our help, this has now been reduced to just once per week. Following extensive trials across over 30 retail outlets, on the 1st June 2017 the new regime rolled out in one ‘big bang’, with an unprecedented level of user acceptance without the need for additional training or site visits.


The benefits of the Solupak range

The Solupak range has many other benefits, in addition to saving on space, delivery size and fuel costs.

Guaranteed dosing of one tab per application.

Guaranteed dosing of one tab per application.

This reduces overuse, prevents under-strength concentrations and minimises the hazard to the operative using the product.
97% reduction in volume and space.

97% reduction in volume and space.

1 small pouch equates to 10 trigger sprays (7.5 litres) of surface sanitiser.
Safe and sure.

Safe and sure.

As each single dose is contained in its own dissolvable packaging, the operative never comes into contact with a potentially hazardous chemical. This delivers a significant improvement in adhering to health and safety regulations. Products are colour coded to BICSc, with simple, pictorial guidance for use that is not language dependent
ZERO single use plastic waste.

ZERO single use plastic waste.

Screen printed, reusable trigger sprays and no 5 litre containers of liquid means that single use plastic waste is completely eliminated from the Peartree operation.
92.5% reduction in carbon footprint.

92.5% reduction in carbon footprint.

Thanks to product movement and logistics, not transporting water, reduction in packaging etc. there is a circa 92.5% reduction in the carbon footprint compared to using RTU and liquid concentrates.

Ethical, sustainable and safe

We don’t test on animals, we never have, and we never will.

We ensure that none of our raw materials are of animal originor tested on animals.


Customer Testimonial

“We started using the SoluPak products in 2016 as they are the approved range for John Lewis and Waitrose. It was quickly obvious to me that the system has many benefits that would be appreciated by our other clients for contribution to their CSR and Environmental objectives. Ethical accreditations are becoming more and more important to our clients and to us as an organisation, the Cruelty Free, Vegan and EcoFlower certifications give confidence that SoluPak is an ethicalorganisation.

The biggest benefit for the end-user is the huge reduction in single use plastic waste, we estimate that we’ve saved over 6000 KGS of plastic from entering the waste streams in our client premises. With the space saving, the simplicity in use, the ethical accreditations and the huge volume reductions for our distributors there are many great reasons for partnering with SoluPak.”

Danny Gostt,
Operations Director of TSS

“As a family and well respected commercial cleaning and support to use, which is why our partnership with Solupak has been a success… we started rolling out the Solupak products in 2018, and this transition was done with ease, thanks to the valuable training materials and services that were provided by their team. We have the Solupak products ran as smoothly as possible.”

Mike Rowley,
Operations Director

“We started using the Solupak products in 2018 after having some trouble with previous suppliers who turned out to be unreliable. We have never had an issue with obtaining stock from Solupak, and the products have been the most effective that we have tried. The values and ethos of Solupak set them apart from companies that we have worked with in the past, with their vegan and cruelty free accreditations being key to our initial and continued involvement with them. We restrict our stock lists overall, but order 4 products from Solupak, and would not say no to advancing on this in the future due to the reliability of the company! We look forward to maintaining our relationship with the Solupak brand.”

Eoin O’Brien,
Operations Director

“As a fast moving consumer-led business with over 1700 shops, Greggs is always looking for ways to make life easier for our staff so that they can spend more time delivering excellent service to our customers. Greggs also takes it Social Responsibilities seriously and as part of this, continually looks for opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment. In 2015 we approached our incumbent chemical supplier, Christeyns Food Hygiene, and challenged them to provide us with a way of delivering cleaning products into our shops, in a simple, user friendly way that takes out the need to store and ship heavy products around the country, without compromising the required high standards of microbiological and allergen control. Christeyns Food Hygiene embraced this challenge and worked closely with us to come up with a solution that we are delighted with – soluble, single dose sachets in small, light to transport packs which are simple and easy to use and safe for our staff. There are multiple benefits to these including ease of use as the single dose sachet format is simply topped up with water, they are safe to handle requiring no PPE and environmentally friendly. They are also transported in compact pouches which are resealable & easy to store and replenish. Following extensive trials across three regions we are proud to be the first national food retailer to adopt this technology across our entire retail estate. The response from our Retail colleagues has been excellent with quick adoption, and high praise for this innovative solution. We are pleased to support Christeyns Food Hygiene’s application for “Product of the Year” at the 2017 SOFHT awards.”

Ally Stephenson,
Head of Purchasing (GNFR)